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About JaxMovies

What exactly is JaxMovies? First of all, my name is not "Jax." Jax stands for Jacksonville, Florida (and is the city's airport code, like LAX for Los Angeles), and is the city in which I reside. My name is Sean Conover, and I created JaxMovies to be a localized website focusing on the movie scene here in the surrounding areas. I figured that one of the most powerful keys of the internet is the ability to be "global," and have the ability to supply information to the world. Well, I backed up a step and decided to focus on the "local" information, particularly on movies. Sure, there are tons of websites that offer reviews, showtimes, and opinions on movies out there, but how many will have specific information on your home town?

Well, if you live in Jacksonville, or even North Florida, you're in luck. You've found a local website that is up to date and features local opinions and information. I hope you make JaxMovies your movie website destination.

If you don't live in or around Jacksonville, that's all right, too. You've found a website that offers reviews and information on upcoming movies, and I hope you keep us in mind when looking for movie related subjects.

Where are we going?

Look for JaxMovies to become more of an informational "hub" for all things related to film in Jacksonville, Florida, and even North Florida.

Keep checking back for:

  • Jacksonville Movie Festival Information - 2002 saw the First Festival, and I hope to bring you more information in upcoming years as our local festival grows.
  • Quicktakes - Quick reviews on movies in theaters or DVD that I may have seen, and just don't have the time to write a full review on. This is now active!
  • Theater Information - More specific information on all of the local theaters, such as audio specifics, numbers of seats, and other interesting information.

If you have any ideas that you would like to see JaxMovies incorporate into the web site, or you are interested in writing reviews for JaxMovies, please feel free to contact me!

Thank you for visiting JaxMovies!

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